Low Speed Error L51 for Sole F63 Treadmill

I moved my treadmill and afterwards trying to turn on the treadmill just resulted in it giving an L51 Sole Low Speed Error.  I’ve finally gotten my treadmill working again and figured I’d post my experience to hopefully help somebody else out since I couldn’t find much online.

Owners Guide on L51 Sole Low Speed Error

Before contacting Sole, I tried out the easy stuff in the Sole F63 owner’s guide regarding the L51 Low Speed Error:
– try to calibrate
– adjust the speed sensor

Neither had any impact.

Consulting the Web

I searched and browsed and found quite a few tips in different places. Most of the advice I found beyond calibration or adjusting the speed sensor were also in the owner’s manual under general maintenance. For example, livestrong.com recommends cleaning, tightening|lubricating the belt & checking the power supply.

None of these helped me either.

Contacting with Sole

Then we contacted Sole and they sent us a box of stuff without having us do any real troubleshooting.

The box had a new controller board, a new speed sensor, and some new wires to connect the main control unit.

Advice here is that as you try out the new pieces, don’t undo any of the nice twisty ties that have the existing wires in place or take the wire out of the front right leg. Just run the wires to the side quickly to eliminate whether or not they change the symptoms. Also take pictures of the wiring to the mother board so that you have a nice easy reference. Here’s one of my pics that made it easy to put it back in place.
Motherboard during L51 Sole Low Speed Error Troubleshooting

Likewise, monitor the behavior of the controller board. My symptom was that the mother board would get power, a red light would come on, and then it would make a single click. Never a second click.

I was able to prove the motor worked fine by hooking up the power to the battery from my cordless drill. This one really impressed my wife.

I called Sole and they sent me another motherboard to swap out which didn’t change any symptoms.

A Resolution

The piece that finally fixed it was a whole new console. The explanation here is that the click from the mother board was sending a signal to the console saying it was ready for commands but the console was never responding telling it to turn the motor on and get running.

Another Resolution

The man in the video below had a similar issue and completely relocating the speed sensor was what finally fixed it for him. If you’ve replaced everything else, then you may want to check out the video below and the comments section to learn more about how relocating the sensor fixed the issue for him.

In Summary

If you’re getting the Sole Low Speed Error when trying to turn on your Sole F63 treadmill, then the Sole support team may be very helpful as they were in my case. However, you may be left to do quite a bit of troubleshooting on your own. The nice thing is that at least in my case, sole was willing to keep sending out parts as long as I would do the work.